The Witches’ Broom


Diam: 1.00″

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The Witches’ Broom represents their ability to travel between the worlds – out-of-body travel, sending one’s perception away from one’s self as happens in remote viewing and so many other kinds of psychic work. The Witch is a kind of Shaman, or spirit guide. Her role as a traveler between the worlds is always to learn spiritual truths, or to find a part of a person’s spirit that has been lost to them making them unwell. Witches are healers first and foremost. The Witches’s broom is also a symbol of cleaning and purification – cleaning the Witches’s inner corners free of impurities that corrupt her spirit – like anger, greed, and the fear of facing things as they are.

Pendants come on Legend Cards with a 33 inch long cord

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