Talisman Of Safety


Diam: 1.25″

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A talisman becomes a magical object when a person uses the power of their intention. This pendant gets its power from your decision that it can help you. This one is for safety. To stay safe, you must be aware, but that awareness has a special quality. Just remember a moment in which you preserve yourself from harm by paying attention. Try to remember the mood you where in at the time. Keep that feeling in your mind as you sit with your talisman and tell it can keep you safe. Then tell yourself that you
can keep yourself safe. When you have a sense that you have found the mood where you are alert to danger, your amulet of safety will be empowered. The design is traditional, and goes back to the Renaissance. Its made from Kabbalistic designs that are intended to invoke God as a protector. But the kingdom of heaven is also within, so a talisman must also help us invoke our own power.

Pendants come on Legend Cards with a 33 inch long cord

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