Talisman Of Good Fortune


Diam: 1.25″

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A talisman is a place where our own intentions meet the realities of the world we live in. To use this talisman to invoke prosperity, you must invoke it in yourself as well . Remember a time when your pockets were full of money, when you felt rich, even if you weren’t. Hold that feeling in your mind while you hold the talisman in your hand, and tell it that it has the power to bring you money. When you feel sure that you have connected with the a sensation of the rich, your amulet will have felt it, too. The
designs on this amulet come from the Kabbala tradition, and they are intended to invoke God as the one who gives blessings. Mystics say that God
is also within, and that we can be our own source for many of his blessings.

Pendants come on Legend Cards with a 33 inch long cord

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