Rune Of Attraction


Diam: 0.75″

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Everything is moving, all the time. You can go up or down, but it’s very hard to stay in one place. Whatever we are not attracting, we are usually keeping away. This amulet’s use is about drawing things towards ourselves. The power of attraction governs our lives in matters of money, relationships, and friendship. We attract things to ourselves according to how we act, and our actions reflect our thoughts. It has been said that amulets help you as much as you help them. To help this one do its job, you
must look at how you attract the things you already have. When you are angry at a person, you attract their anger in return. When you offer something that is attractive to another person, you also attract that person. This amulet is made of old Nordic runes, the magical language used in the northern European witch’s art.

Pendants come on Legend Cards with a 33 inch long cord

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