Prosperity Rune


L: 1.25″ W: 0.5″

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The Prosperity Rune is a reminder that we have the power to invite abundance into our lives. It encourages you to look at the things you want and to say “that can be mine”. Prosperity begins by saying the we deserve to have it. It’s too easy to become accustomed to living with less than we really need.The Prosperity Rune is an invitation to notice the avenues to wealth and abundance that we overlook. Prosperity does not begin by getting money. It begins by seeing money, and this Rune is a reminder to keep our eyes open. Wealth and Abundance are a state of mind, and when you are in it, you can seem rich even when you’re not. And money has a way of moving naturally toward those who are into this state of mind. The prosperity rune is a reminder to stay open.

Pendants come on Legend Cards with a 33 inch long cord

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