Pentacle of the Goddess


Diam: 1.0″

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“The Goddess is alive and Magic is afoot.” The Goddess represents the feminine character of the universe. The Goddess weaves her never-ending dance of creation out of the threads of the sacred elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Spirit. These five sacred elements are symbolized in the five-pointed star of the Pentacle. The Goddess is
made of them, and also uses them to make the rest of the cosmos. The movements of her presence blend the elements into the myriad forms in the universe. The five elements are like five winds that meet in her womb, heart, and mind. She mixes them, making the moon’s graceful circle around her, the turbulence of waves breaking over rocks, and every other movement in existence.

Pendants come on Legend Cards with a 33 inch long cord

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